Bin Weeks

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Bin Weeks

It’s bin many weeks since I’ve actually posted a blog entry why well. There are very few who read my entries (Thanks Mom!). So, I decided to post one today telling of my ups and downs of the past I don’t know month or so. Well, if you haven’t read my other posts, I do have Faith in God, and that he has blessed me more than I can even imagine, but I know he has more for me. Well, I’ve decided to share that he has helped my wife, and I refinance our home so that’s more money into the pocket, but even with that as a blessing and not having to pay for two months of mortgage I still don’t have a job. Well yes, it’s because I’m not looking as hard as others would hope. But I don’t want a regular job. I want a writing job writing blogs for others screenplays for movies even if there not my own original ideas, as long as I can write. Therefore, I say this send a writing job my way if you like if not I just hope you read this and post it for others to read.

I should be working on my movie scripts, so I’m going to keep this short. Have a great day/night!

Bin Weeks

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