40 Days of Success

Want to watch and learn about new original movies, discover amazing bands and artists and play a choose-your-own-adventure social “wrecking” mobile story-game?!

We’ve worked with people all across the nation, including exclusive events and celebrity cinema. Check out our ’40 Days of Success” where each day for 40 days (from March 1st), you can see what we’ve done in the entertainment industry and there are plenty of surprises – including all genres, styles, awards and more that you won’t want to miss. We’re on day number 15 today and with each day, there’s a brand new update.

There’s plenty to experience with Trippy Tran Films. Please Like, subscribe and follow our pages.

Thank you for over 1,000 likes on social media for these amazing endeavors. We’ve shared projects with several brilliant and passionate people and will to continue our collaborations. Contact us to reach out!


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40 Days of Success

Dreamers follow an unwritten journey leading them up different winding paths, opportunities and experiences as each passing day comes to light. Though, some believe everything is destined to happen…


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