Write As If I’m Getting Paid

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a thing. I’m here home all alone and feel the need to write at least something. So here I am rocking and thumbing my Nexus 7. I wanted to bring up that for inspiration, it is hard for me and without…

Becomeing a comic book writer

The video that I watched had some good steps and thoughts that I actually never took into my own thoughts about. Now when you want to be a comic book writer that I need to do them all the time, and I need to write and write, and also to

#articles #news #guardianlv #airbnb #ebay #uber #amazon #tech #apps #futureAirbnb The Next eBay? Uber The Next Amazon? http://guardianlv.com/2013/08/airbnb-the-next-ebay-uber-the-next-amazon/

What is Love?

Love does it come from above?Love do you say it or show it?What is true love? My wife she’s the best she helps with getting my meds in order. She loves me no matter the mood I’m in. She is never changing or wavering. She of course isn’t…

Tasks verson 2

Tasks 11/3/12 Tasked to write. Tasked to read. Tasked to bleed from my soul. Tasked to see beyond the norm. Tasked to be unique. I, for one, have an issue with all this. With being tasked to do anything. Yes, you say I’m a writer, but How…
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